Dr Bryson LeMone - Nightmare dental experience

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An absolute nightmare experience.I ended up with permanent damage to my teeth and jaw.

My healthy teeth are now beyond repair. I was placed in ill fitted bridgework that was too large for my mouth, causing pain and stress in my teeth, it was placed crooked, and it never allowed for my back teeth to close. I also had unnecessary crown and root canal work done. As result, I have permanent tooth structure damage, both top and bottom teeth, constant never ending pain, and future filled uncertainty because my damaged teeth and mouth function are irreversible.

Not to mention the mental and physical anguish during the treatment and after treatment as I live through from this nightmare. The financial devastation to repair damaged and future treatment has no end in sight. As a patient, you put your full trust in your dentist who is trained in this profession, thinking they would ethically only treat teeth that should be treated and if problems develop, they would have the decency to tell the patient, provide for proper occlusion and comfort and NOT falsify and cover up what happened, only to continue treating teeth that should not had been put through such unnecessary treatment and unfounded strain. Please learn from my crushing experience.

Do your research, seek to have major dental work done by prosthodontist who specializes in oral health care, and/or look at their past work history and cases before you do anything.

I would never ever wish this experience on my worst enemy.

Review about: Damaged Teeth.

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